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Our Cattery

Shiruku is a small newly started cattery of the purebred cat Ragdoll. We want to keep the breed-typical standard for the ragdoll breed, as well as help to breed healthy and fit cats. We do this by being selective in our breeding cats and therefore go to great lengths and spend time putting the right cats together. In this way, we will give our kittens the best possible start in life.


We want to keep the breeding small , as it is important for us that everyone in the house thrives with the space and the animals / people that are here. By keeping our breeding this size, it also allows us to ensure we have time for our animals, each other and the buyers.

Transparency. We want to be open about our cattery and therefore all questions are welcome. We often post pictures and video from the cattery and shows- and everything in between. It is important to us that outsiders can get an honest insight into Shiruku as a cattery, both as inexperienced and experienced in the cat world

Our value base for breeding cats is that they are first and foremost healthy and well. Therefore, it is also very important for us to follow our kittens even though they have moved away from home and have grown up. We would very much like to know if an illness should occur, as it helps to provide an insight into the cats' lines and genes. In addition, we make sure we get to test our breeding cats for HCM and PKD and examine the lines thoroughly for PG.

In addition, we will strive for our cats to live up to the breed-typical standard of the ragdoll breed. That is, we go up in compensation of the body, colors and patterns. We do this through the work we put in, choosing the right cats to put together. Among other things, a great knowledge about genes within the cat, which we find incredibly exciting and go into a lot.  

The Ragdoll breed has a very special mind which was a big part of why we ourselves fell for the breed. It is therefore also one of the most important things for us to get in our cats. The ragdoll breed is gentle, friendly, talkative and has its own characteristic where it can lie like a rag doll - by the name.

In order for both us, the kittens and the new families to get the best possible, matching cat and new family is of great importance to us. We want to spend time getting to know you, both your needs and what you can offer. We do not sell a kitten if we do not think we have the right family for it.  

The name 'Shiruku' is Japanese and means silk. Ragdoll's fur is often described as silky soft. With inspiration in Japanese, we found the word 'shiruku' which we have chosen for our cattery name.

We are a member of FIFE, Jyrak and Ragdollklubben Danmark and we are registered for a mentoring scheme, so that we can always contact experienced breeders if we need it.

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