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Q1 2023


PL Ragissa Jordan

Ayla 6m_edited_edited.jpg

PT Lusodollls Ayla

We are very much looking forward to the first litter in the cattery and hope we succeed between our two beautiful cats when they are both ready for it

Ayla is a loving and curious girl with a wonderful temperamentent. She is the first to greet us when we come home and she very much wants to be where we are. She herself decides when she wants to cuddle, but this also happens almost every night, when she lies on top of someone and spins right in our faces. 

Some of her best qualities, in addition to her temperament, are that she has an absolutely fantastic silky coat, absolutely perfect pattern, good chin, super length on body and tail and has a good weight in her body

Lewie (aka. Jordan) is one big love bomb. He is the calm giant who loves to be cuddled at all times of the day. Lewie talks a lot to everyone in the household and also follows us around the house. You can be sure that he will get up and say goodnight every night, kneading the duvet for as long as he can.

Some of Lewie's best qualities, apart from his temperament, are his fantastic expression, ear, eye shape, cheeks and chin, good weight in the body and a nice coat

We expect to get brown kittens in the patterns bicolour, mitted or colourpoint with and without tabby (however, we are still awaiting the final DNA test which can tell us more precisely what we can expect from the kittens)

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