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When you buy a cat from us

In our values, we strive to get healthy, harmonious, well-socialized kittens to their new families

It therefore means a lot to us that we have a dialogue about your wishes and what you can offer so that we can find a good match together. If you want to try going to an exhibition, this is also something we will help you with all the way. However, some cats are more suitable for this than others and therefore it is important that we have a dialogue about this

We know that the waiting time can be very long and that is why we also take great care that you can follow what is happening in the cattery and with your kitten. There will be regular updates with pictures and videos of the kittens and you can visit by appointment

We do not charge a booking fee

The price of a pet cat is NOK 7,700, regardless of gender and colour. Included are;


Fife Pedigree

Health book

Chip marking

Contract with 2 years' right of complaint, cf. the Purchase Act

Insurance in Agria for the kitten's first months

2 year insurance against hidden defects via Agria


Vaccines (basic vaccination program)


Member of Jutland Racekatteklup this year

Kitten package with some food, toys and a blanket with scent from the cattery

  • Fife stamtavle

  • Sundhedsbog

  • Chipmærkning

  • Kontrakt med 2 års reklamentationsret jf. købeloven

  • Forsikring i Agria i killingens første 2 måneder

  • 2 års forsikring på skjulte fejl via Agria

  • Neutralisering

  • Vacciner (basis vaccinationsprogram)

  • Ormekur

  • 100kr i donation til Inges Kattehjem

  • Medlem af Jydsk Racekatteklup i indeværende år

  • Killingepakke med lidt mad, legetøj og et tæppe med duft fra katteriet

  • Dirverse brochure

  • Pasningsvejledning fra Shiruku

  • Socialiseringskema 

  • Gavekort til fotografering af killingen når den er voksen

Prisen på en kælekat er 9000,- uanset køn, mønster og farver. Der medfølger;

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