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Show in Middelfart

A really nice weekend with all 3 cats

Lewie made his debut at the show and competed in the junior class

He received a lot of praise and some fine criticism. On day two he was even nominated but didn't go any further from there. He managed it all so well and again showed his fantastic temperament throughout both days - as you can also see in the pictures, he was curious and relaxed

Lewie was also in junior handling with niece Ida, aged 6. Ida had practiced holding Lewie, who now weighs 4.3kg, and they both managed it so well! Ida was number 1 of children under 10 and received a nice prize

Ayla got ex1 both days in the junior category + some super nice criticisms. She lost her nomination to Lewie on day two, but would have got it if her coat was better. It will be exciting to see her when she is more grown up

Knutt was the first day in open class 10 where he got his 3rd certificate - this meant that he became Premiere and on day 2 had to go up to class 8, where he also got his certificate. Super easy to have Knutt with and he managed what he had to, despite a coat that is about to change

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