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Ayla EX1, BIV, NOM 

Type: Amazing size + large body. Super legs in proportion. Super muscular. Fantastic shoulder


Head: Amazing head. Neat In all details 


Eyes: Super large, super intensive blue, shape oval 


Ears: fantastic broad at base.  Placement. Super size and placement 


Coat: Amazingly bicolour + soft, silky . Good length 


Tail: Super to shoulder


Condition: ex 


General impression: Beautiful + interesting female. Sweet en type. Super coat. Want to see her in future 


Ayla EX2

Type: ex long body. Ex broad at shoulders + hindquarters


Head: ex broad modified wedge. Ex flat .. between the ears


Eyes: dominant eyes. Not oval. Ex blue.


Coat: ex silky! Ex lying with the body


Tail: ex long to the shoulder


Condition: super condition! 


General impression: well presented 


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