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Who's Shiruku?

Shiruku is a small newly started cattery of the purebred cat Ragdoll. We want to help breed large, healthy and breed-typical ragdolls.  

Behind DK Shiruku we are Line and Yngve, as well as our two dogs Viktor and Fiddi. Our cats live in a homely environment with the rest of the family, with an enclosed garden so that all four-legged and two-legged can come out and enjoy nature together.

We are a member of Jyrak (Jydsk breedkatte klub), FIFe and Ragdollklubben Danmark. In addition, we are registered for a mentoring scheme, where we have a strong background with some experienced breeders, who we can ask for advice and get help from.


Videoen er udarbejdet i samarbejde med @Broadaxe Film

Our Values

Healthy and healthy cats

We care that we can see healthy and healthy cats in the pedigrees, so that will also be what we pass on to our kittens. We like to follow the kittens from the cattery well into adulthood, as it gives us a good insight into our cats' genes and lines.

We test for HCM and PKD


Good mind & temperament

The Ragdoll breed has its own very special mind. It is gentle, contact-seeking, intelligent and friendly. Its mind is as much a part of the breed standard as its appearance and we will not compromise on this


Race-typical appearance

In order to maintain the expression, colors and compositions of the breed through many generations, it is of course a large part of our breeding and planning the future of our cats. We do this through research of lines, genes and going to exhibitions where the cats are judged according to the standard


Match of cat and new home

It is crucial that a kitten or adult cat fits in with its new family. We take great care in getting to know your needs and do not sell cats to a home that is not suitable for both. We take the process seriously and want to find out what the new home needs and can offer, in order to get the right cat home.


Diploma breeder education

In order to have the best possible knowledge about cat breeding, I have chosen to undergo the diploma breeder education. The modules are taken one at a time over 1-2 years. The training provides a reassurance to the buyers that it is a serious breeding with a good basic knowledge of everything within cat keeping and breeding. Below you can see the contents of the 4 different modules and which I have passed on so far.



Module 1:  History, organization, FIFe / FD rules and health

Module 2:  Breeding

Module 3:  Genetics, cat keeping and behavior

Module 4:  Exhibition, laws and rules as well as ethics and morals

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