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Welcome to ragdoll Ayla

It is with great pleasure that we can tell about our newest cat in the cattery - Lusodolls*PT Ayla

It has taken a long time to find the right kitten to start our cattery and breeding up, and all of a sudden, she was there

Ayla is from Portugal and has a pedigree which comes from various large breeders, including USA, which we hope gives us a good background to start our breeding program on

From the beginning, Ayla has shown us her absolutely fantastic temperament, which was also a very important part of why the choice fell on her.

She is a loving and curious little kitten. She seeks contact with us all the time and is happy to lie with us in the hope that we will cuddle her

We look forward to getting to know her even better and taking her on show soon

In that regard we can now really start our cattery, we have chosen to change the name of our Instagram from kattenknutt to shiruku_dk

There will still be lots of pictures of the furry cats, but now there will also be more shown around the cattery and the breeding as a whole

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