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Clicker training of the cat

A new page has been added to the website - TRAINING

Here you will be able to follow my process in clicker training of our cat Knutt by watching some small videos with a little descriptive text

I'm not going to go in depth with the theory of clicker training here, but I am linking to some websites where one can find more information on this. Some deal with dogs, but the theory is exactly the same for the cat

I have trained a lot with our dogs when I lived at home, where my mother had dog kennel. I have trained a labrador, Ricko, for hunting and I have trained my current poodle dog, Viktor, for many years for various tricks

It's a great way to get a strong bond to your pet and it's super activating for them, while at the same time being a fun training method that does not require much to start with

More about clicker training:

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